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Must USE Free Resources for Entrepreneurs

In this internet era, you can search everything in the Internet. The Internet is frankly a cornucopia of wisdom and inspiration for entrepreneurs.

You can find the right sites to teach you practical business skills and how to improve as an entrepreneur which would help you a lot in your start-up stage.

Jayson DeMers, founder of SEO agency AudienceBloom, advises small-business owners to tap these rich resources on a routine basis. Here is some of our conclusion of the breaks downs in these categories:

  1. Blogs (for inspiration, industry news, etc) : Search Engine Land,Small Business Trends, Social Media Examiner
  2. Massive open online courses (or MOOCS, are free University courses): Coursera, Udemy, MOOC List
  3. Whitepapers, e-books (for in-depth knowledge on a topic): Quick Sprout, HubSpot, Kindle Unlimited
  4. Webinars (for more interactive learning sessions): Google Hangouts, BizLaunch, SCORE
  5. Twitter chats (learn in real-time or scroll back to take notes): #SmallBizChat, #BlogChat, #B2BChat
  6. LinkedIn Groups (there’a a topic for every business interest): On Startups, Sales Best Practices, Succeed: Small Business Network, Powered by Staples

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