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How Music Changed How We Think About Science Fairs

Why weren’t experiments like this conducted when we were younger? Oh the joys of being able to take an iPhone to class and deeming it necessary for scientific research.

Can you imagine how many science fairs we wasted trying to recreate a Styrofoam solar system or clay volcano? The studies conducted in this video are 10x cooler. The curator of the film proves that there is a correlation between sound and science. Gearing up a series of musical instruments to various elemental component proves some wondrous results.

A little salt on a board transforms to amazing geometric shapes just from playing notes on a keyboard. Water and fire are also altered through the vibrational sounds of various notes. Watching a steady stream perfectly spiral after the bass of a drum is almost as inspiring as a Las Vegas magic show.

Somehow, no one ever bellows an “abra cadabra” during these presentations. Instead, silent hooded musicians prepare for the big finale.

Hooked up to a large machine, the instruments produce electrical currents reminiscent of flashes of lightning. It’s amazing to think how there’s always so much more going on under the surface.

Those are some jamming scientists. I don’t think any of my professors could ever rock like that. I wish they could have. Science class would’ve been a heck of a lot more interesting. If nothing else, the creator of this video has definitely sparked some attention around his project. What probably started as a hunch has now virally spread all across the World Wide Web.

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