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How much does a wedding cost


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How much does a wedding cost?

Professor Savings Jr. recently proposed to his long time girlfriend Casha.

Junior wants to prepare for the wedding and does some research on the cost.

The following numbers are from The Knot and based on nearly 18,000 US brides.

Let’s race through them.

The catering portion will cost you about $63 per guest.

Favors will run you about $221.

Invitations add another $344.

The wedding cake is $560.

The wedding musicians $554.

Transportation $708.

Music is important but will run you $988 for good DJ.

The rehearsal dinner add $1,135.

Wedding planner $1847. A great idea if you want to decrease stress and enjoy big day.

Videographer add $1619.

The Florist and decoration team $1,997

The wedding gown, $1211.

The ceremony venue $1,711.  Wow. Not I’m thinking about marrying a public beach.

Memories last forever.  So a photographer will run you $2,379.

Reception band $3,084.

Engagement ring $5431.

Reception venue $12,905.

so the National average wedding not including Honeymoon is $28,427.


Yikes. So plan ahead and start saving.

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