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How much money I can Save Self Publishing my own book

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today we will talk about 10 reason to self publish saving you TIME and MONEY

We are Professor Savings believe that you should self publish, get traction, and then have control of the bargaining terms.

It’s now a marketing game, not a just a good product game.

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1. Time to Market.

Time is money so speed is your strength.  You can get your book to market in less

than week.  Traditional publisher takes about 6-9 months.

2.  Content and design control.

You control how long it is and how it looks. Activating your creative juices.

Downside.  You have no editor.

3.  Longevity.  You can keep book in print. Traditional publishers stop marketing after the campaign.

4.  Revisions.  Publishers can take months to fix errors or make good adjustments.

Self publishers can revise immediately. 

5.  Higher Royalty.  Traditional publishers will receive about 10 to 15 percent of proceeds.

Amazon pay 35% or more royalty.

6.  Price control.  Self publishing allows you to chance price of book.

Set lower price to sell more copies in the beginning.

7.  Global distribution. Self publishing allows you to achieve

global distribution.  Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to list in 100 countries.

Apple iBookstore around 50 countries.

8.  Control foreign rights.

When your book is successful, foreign publishers contact you to buy the right in their country. 

You will keep more money since you are not sharing revenue with traditional publisher.

9.  Analytics.  Provide real time or daily sales results so you can adjust location strategies.

For instance, if your book is taking off in New York you can hope their and launch an in person

meet and greet with your fins.  Traditional publishers provide a twice a year royalty.

10.  Deal flexibility.  You are the deal maker and can cut deals with organization such as local

charities as cross promotions.

Traditional publishers only sell to resellers unless bulk sales for large organizations.

Conclusion:  Self publish so you can control your destiny but bulk up on your marketing and sales skills.

Our advice is start marketing your book with a website from day one you start writing.

Hope these tips will save you some time, headache, and money.

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