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How much you can save working out at home

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Today, we talk about the big savings from exercising at home as oppose to a gym membership

according to numbers and sources from Quicken blog, the savings can add up big time

let’s start off with gym membership.


let’s do the math

$55 per month so that’s $660 a year

so now let’s talk about working out at home

to start off, you need running shoes which will run you, pun intended

  about $75, yoga ball $25, yoga blue ray video for $20, one time yoga mat for $20

total $140 a year

so exercising at home can save you $520 per year or a gigantic

   79% cheaper than the gym

and that is something to cheer about

Imagine going on a weekend vacation with that money spent


thanks for joining us, professor savings savings signing off

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