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Money Management Programs for Mac

In business today tracking income and expenses is very important. This accounts for all your finances, where they come from and where they are spent.


Money Management Programs for Mac

This budgeting can be very hard if done manually especially if you do not have a background in accounting. To make this easier, money management programs for your mac to track your cash flows. There are various money management programs for mac. Some of them are give below.

• iCash

This program was developed by Max Programming, S.L. This software help determine the source of your income and where is it spent very easily. Even without having little knowledge of accounting you can use this software for performing all computation of reports easily. It helps you create accounts under specific sections such as banks, credit, debit, income and expenses. It allows you to create as many accounts as you want. It can be used for any environment, be it personal or business.

• Moneydance

This program is rated as one of the best money management programs for mac. Other than managing your expenses it also offers other important features such as budgeting, reminders, tracking investments, bill payments and online banking. Managing and organizing your finances are made easy using this program. The reminders features help you to never miss the dues on your bills. Moneydance helps you to make online payments and check online transactions with banks easily. With its graphic tool you can see if your income or expenses are going up or down.

• iCompta

This program was developed by LyricApps. It help not only manage your expense shared by others but also helps in personal budgeting. For easy tracking you can create multiple accounts and place them under specific groups. Transactions can be downloaded, imported or exported easily for banking purposes. It also supports synchronization with iPhone’s and iPad’s.

• Money Book

This software was developed by Alex Rastorgouev. It comes with a built in calculator and can support multiple currencies. It helps to easily manage all your finances. Depending on your preference you can track your income and expenses for a specific week, month or even year. You have unlimited access to all categories and everything is password protected to you don’t have to worry about security risks.

• iBank

This software was developed by IGG Software, LLC. When it comes to money management this is one of the most trusted programs. Conveniently manage multiple accounts along with savings, mortgage, checking, debit and credit cards. Without any difficulties you can add, edit, delete or even search for any given transaction. With the help of iBank you can track and compare budgets very easily. This also includes state of the art password protection feature.

With the help of these money management programs you can be in control of your finances and will help you find budget that will fit your lifestyle.



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