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Money Management Games for Kids

Teaching the kids the value of money at young age is imperative to their financial success later. The more they learn while they’re young, the fewer mistakes they’ll make over time.


Money Management Games for Kids

Teaching the kids money management can be done with the help of some ingenious money management games kids, which have been developed to make the whole process more interesting and fun. Here are some of the money management games kids which can help your kid to learn the complex money management process in a more fun and exciting way:

• Planet Orange

This game is based on a hurdles kind of a platform where your kid has to pass through deserts and jungles and manage his/her finances in a judicious way in order to cross all the hurdles to pass through the game and emerge as the winner.

• Practical Money Skills Games

These money management games kids are a series of games from Visa which teaches your kids a number of techniques and ideas to earn smartly, spend intelligently and save ingeniously for their future in a very simple game based platform.

• Reality Check

Your child needs a reality check to realize the kind of life that he wants to spend. Does he want a financially sound and uninterrupted life or wants to be baffled with problems all around him/her in their 30’s and 40’s. This game gives them an insight into the future and how to improvise to remain calm and composed and deal with finances.

• It All Adds Up

A great money management games kids to teach the kids the value of budgeting and saving judiciously so that he/she learns to make small smart saving and investment choices in order to accomplish big in their life, being it paying their college fees or buying their own car, just by saving enough for their future and by proper budgeting.

• Escape from Knab

A game where the investor has to earn money in order to escape from Knab, in order to get back home. This gives them a psychological upper hand in order to deal with complex situations and make their way out of them.



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