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Money making ideas for kids above the age of 12

Do you have teenagers who need to earn their pocket money? Perhaps they’ll want to try one of these money making ideas.


Money making ideas for kids above the age of 12

Money making ideas for kids are easy to follow and practise too. These kids will understand the value of each dollar and learn how they can make more money with simple activities.

• Drinks/ Food stall: If your kids like to make lemonade or cook food then, selling it to your neighbours in your front garden will help the kid earn money. The activity won’t cost a fortune and will earn your child some extra bucks.

• Washing cars: Kids who do have spare time can take this up to. The best part is that it has flexible timings and you can easily manage it even with school or college.

• Walk someone’s dog: Out of all these money making ideas for kids, most laugh at this one but the truth is that some people don’t have time to take their dog out and would be willing to pay someone else to do that job. Be sure that you are comfortable with the dog is question.

• Babysitting: If you won’t mind children smaller than your age and taking care of them for an hour or two, then this idea is for you. Baby sitters get paid a lot for the job.

• Garage sale: If you own several items at your place but aren’t going to use them, surprisingly enough these items can help you earn money. Garage sales are perfect for creating more room in the house and even old items like clothes, creative boxes and jewellery can earn you a lot.

• Sell your craft: If you enjoy making hairbands or making handmade cards etc., selling them is a wonderful idea. You can use your part time to get a couple of dollars. If you want to go big then you could even sell them online or start a web page of your own.

• Earn on a per hour basis at Mc Donald’s: Not many kids know that Mc Donald’s does hire kids from 14 and above to work with them on a part time basis. They pay you well for what it is worth and you don’t have to be involved for the entire day.

These money making ideas for kids will help you as a kid make money and understand the essence of having part time work.

1) Lemonade stands are perfect ideas for kids under 14.

2) If you can sell off used or unused items, then a garage sale or going to eBay is a lovely idea.

3) Mc Donald’s and other fast foods joints also pay on an hourly basis. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on especially if you are low on cash.



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