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Why money doesn’t matter in Steve Jobs and Bill Gates’ eyes.

What motivates you? Money? Power? Or fame? These kinds of motivators could lead you to success. Yet, the former Apple and Pepsi CEO now tells you that the most successful people’s motivation do not come from money, but their intense passion.

Passion attracts passion. A billion-dollar business might be a byproduct of your passion. Think deeply the noble use of a product. It’s even better if you have a noble cause which could excites you and make you feel you are not tortured waking up early working every day. That will also help you formulate what you want do, and whom you want to recruit.

If you are not happy with what you do, you will never be truly successful, as being an entrepreneur isn’t as ideal as you think, like on the back of the Silicon Valley lie many broken dreams. Entrepreneur is more about loneliness and sweat, so you have to really happy about what you do.

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