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Mommy And Me: What You Think vs. What They See

When the average mom looks in the mirror, she probably sees stained clothes, disheveled hair, and a woman who doesn’t nearly have enough hours in the day. Even when she’s wearing the faint aroma of meatloaf, macaroni, and fabric softener, when her children look at her, all they see is the most amazing woman in the world.

This video serves as a wakeup call for mothers everywhere. No you aren’t perfect, you never will be. Put perfection is something you don’t need to have in order to gain the love and affection of your child.

To them, you are protector and provider. While most of the moms interview in this study voiced their desire for additional patience, you would have never known there was anything they needed to change when their children were questioned.

A chorus of “My mom is the best.” rang from each of their tiny mouths. It seems like delicious home cooked meals and snuggles on demand were more than enough to cancel out the negative feelings that come with the occasional time out.

These moms were brought tears as they witnessed their children’s feelings on screen in a separate room. From the time you first hear the words, “You’re pregnant”, all you want is the absolute best for them. You try to shield them from the ugly truths about the world and do all you can to fill their days with love.

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