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How to market your drone video?

Dear Professor Savings readers,

Today we will cover a detailed article on How to Market Your Drone Video.

  Recently, we launched a drone video title: How Much Does it Cost to Live in Hong Kong? and we had decent success.

A popular digital magazine called Coconuts which covers all the fun and fantastic news in Hong Kong covered us.

 Read VIDEO: Startling price comparisons between HK and US, with drone footage, obvs

While there are many drone videos other there, consider taking some time to develop a marketing strategy.

How to Market Business Using Drones

It is not long ago when drones became part of the industry. Known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV, drones are widely used in various industries and many companies are now developing these state-of-the-art technology because of its countless benefits.

How Big Is The Drone Industry

According to experts, the industry of drone is beyond what others expected. It involves small entrepreneurs and large technology companies and this is growing at an exponential rate.

Rotary drones are the most popular type of drone. They create perfect and best camera platforms for great and stunning aerial shots. The reason behind it is that they can hover as well as maneuver in any direction. Although many people would think about using drones for marketing and other things, it is actually illegal.

The US Federal Aviation Administration does not permit crop-spraying, tour-guiding, filming, pizza delivery, spying or some commercial applications.

But, you can do all those by flying one privately.

What Are The Rules Government Or Legal Rules Involved

FAA is responsible for keeping the skies safe. The drone operators might pose a danger to the commercial aircraft or spy on someone illegally.

On the contrary, US businesses wanted the FAA to approve drone using stat so that they could get rid of quasi-illegally as well as start making cash. If you are wondering how huge the drone industry is, well the answer is, beyond what you expected.

With the popularity of drones and its numerous uses, more and more people are interested to use this when marketing business.

In fact, Amazon is trying to use a drone to deliver a package. Yet, FAA has been adamant when keeping the non-military UAVs out of the sky.

Several individuals are already concerned about their own privacy and think that these drones could be invasive. But, even if there are many criticisms on using drones, it will never stop drone marketing to grow bigger like any of the industries in this world.

For more details on FAA rules,

read  New FAA rules class toy UAVs as illegal drones from Boing Boing


FAA Clarifies That Amazon Drones Are Illegal from Mashable

Who Are The Major Players Or Company That Manufacture?

Some of known manufacturers of drones at present continue to develop different types of drones that would be beneficial for everyone. DJI is one of the renowned manufacturers of drones that are used by many individuals especially business owners who want to make an edge in the trend.

Now that we understand the rules involved with drone flying, let’s talk about some of the industry that use drone for marketing purposes.

Aside From Real Estate, What Other Industries Use Drones

Real estate industry is just one of the known industries that consider drone marketing. Many real estate agents and companies use drones for home listings.

According to a real estate agent, drones may be expensive and might cause a pain in your wallet, but the rewards could be fulfilling. With the drones in real estate industry, anyone can be able to set a difference.

You have to take note that only few real estate individuals use drones for their listings. So, many real estate agents encouraged other professionals who deal with the real estate industry to take advantage of what drones could offer.

Aside from real estate industry, there are other industries that benefit from drones. These include news, agriculture, photography, and so on.

Drones are very popular for photographers because these allow them to capture aerial shots with ease and without spending a lot of money on hiring a helicopter just to get the aerial view of a particular place or thing below.

Through this, there is no doubt that drone marketing will become a bigger industry, which everyone can enjoy.

Bonston.com covered wrote a great article on the 7 uses of drones for commercial use.

So, How Much Money Is Spent On Drones Yearly?

The government spent billions of dollars just to develop drones for various purposes.

According to a Huffington Post Article, the money spent lobbying for drones to be in the air has increased.

How much Does It Cost to Buy Drones

For as low as $300 USD, anyone can now own their desired drone.  We filmed with a GoPro camera and a DJI Phantom.  While most entry level drones start at $300USD don’t forget to factor in the cost of a drone bag as well as batteries which can be around $100 USD each.

Each battery last around ten minutes of flight time.

Check out MSN Money article on the ten coolest Drones You Can Buy

So now that we covered the basics from how much it cost to buy the drone, let’s start talking about the marketing of the video.

Firstly, there are many drone Facebook Groups you can join to share your videos.

But the best way to market your video is to upload it to Youtube or Vimeo.

But before you upload to Youtube, consider ways to maximize your Search Engine Optimization or ways to be found more easily.

For us, we looked at other videos and found that people would natural search “How Much Does it Cost to Live in Hong Kong?”

We wanted our video to be useful, informational, and shareable.

  I suggest you watch

10 YouTube SEO Tips: Increase YouTube Search Rankings

  so you can maximize how your drone video can be seen and marketed.  As for ways you can control and make sure you video is seen, the obvious is to buy some ads on Youtube.

 As a startup what I did was contact informational carriers or hyper local blogs that I knew needed contact and sure enough, we were picked up by Coconuts Hong Kong.

So as a conclusion, 6 basics marketing tips so that you can market your drone video.

So let’s take a case scenario.

Professor Savings is leaving the Big Apple Manhattan and retiring to the suburbs of New York.  Currently, Unicornville Realtor just produced a drone video so that they can showcase

#1: Know your audience.  Who will champion your drone video and share it. Define this clearly in terms of location.

For instance, a realtor in suburbs of New York might contact the local newspaper and ask them to do an article on their online newspaper.

#2: Know your goal. Are you trying to get someone to attend your open house?  I would not aim for a sale but just for someone to be interested enough to drive from the city to the suburbs to see the house for sale.

#3: Know how to optimize your video with the video suggested above.  Once you optimized make sure you respond to comments.

#4: Get your friends onboard.  We got Professor Savings fans to like and subscribe so that others are more likely to follow.  Ask them to share your drone video on Facebook.

#5: Remember to use common sense.  If you’re a realtor, join local real estate Facebook groups and participate asking them if it is okay to post on the group board.

#6 Send your video to the drone manufacturer. For instance, we sent tweets to DJI and asked them to share our video as well as GoPro since we used their cameras.

This is simply leveraging.

SO good luck, I am sure these tips will get you started. Make sure you Subscribe to Professor Savings  for more Daily Money Saving videos.



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