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Make Money Kids—- Ways for Kids to Make Money

Children who learn about money and how to handle it properly as less likely to struggle with finances later in life. Now’s the time to teach your kids.


Make Money Kids—- Ways for Kids to Make Mony

A kid or child can work and earn according to one’s age, capacity and circumstances. This also helps in keeping them busy during their long holidays.

Ways for Kids to Make Money

The first and foremost work a kid must do is to work in the house and do some household chores, helping the parents. The parents can give an incentive of some money which the kid can use for his sweets and chocolates.

• Children can help out younger kids in the house or neighbors by guiding them in their studies.

• Kids of any age can be a good help in helping parents in the household chores like—dusting, cleaning the utensils, laying the table, hanging out the clothes, washing the car and tidying up rooms.

• Children can also earn some money by helping the neighbors in their marketing jobs or getting medicines.

• Elder girls can organize a class for making beaded jewelry and other craft pieces and then sell them in the neighborhood.

• Children can all get together and organize a cultural evening of songs and plays taking financial help from adults in the community. They can charge a small entrance fee. Keep an account of the collection and expenditure and distribute the profits amongst the organizers.

• The kids can organise a garage sale by collecting and selling old books, toys, clothes and bed linen to the needy people at a low cost. Some children can also organise an online sale.

• Doing graphic designing to convey messages of the community or any office is also a brilliant idea to make money by children. It will just require a catchy slogan and some colourful pictures to make the poster, print and laminate it.

• Online opinions can be given on different surveys to make some money.

Tips to kids to make money

 It is wise to charge a reasonable for the work or accept with gratitude whatever is given

 Work honestly and seriously in any job. Do not make a game of it.

 Always work for known people and avoid strangers.

 Come out with innovative ideas for the work especially while teaching and organising craft classes. Computer is the best friend to help and provide new ideas.


Kids should enjoy every work they do.

Fix a time to do regular jobs assigned.

Remember to Budget Earn and Save.



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