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How To Make Customers Follow You Anywhere

How to make customers come back and back and back for your company? Well an overwhelming number of entrepreneurs or CEOs believe that aggressive sales and pitching mean higher customer loyalty. As explained by marketing experts Brad Smith and Ezra Firestone, this is simply not the case. Instead, they offer us 2 essential engagement techniques to improve customer retention. Here we go:

1. “It’s not about how good your service is. It’s about how engaging you are.”

How to be engaging? Having giveaways, gamification, photo contests are a few examples. Another important technique is to create relevant content to customers beyond the products we are selling. This makes people remember us.

2. Use the right strategy

Customer satisfaction is not everything. Make sure the strategies you are using are adding value to your company and customers’ lives in the right way.

For more insights, check out this short video.

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