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The Magic Word That Earn You Money

What’s the magic word? No, not “please”. If you guessed “thank you”, think again. The abracadabra of this discussion is N-O. If you want to be successful, you have to exercise the right to say “no”.

It’s natural to want to take advantage of every opportunity. We as people love to help whenever possible. But if you’re spreading yourself too thin, you’re not helping yourself at all.

Whatever you agree to should stay in-line with your bottom line. Don’t allow yourself to become so overextended that you lose sight of your goal.  Don’t give away the things that can make you money. Carefully choose who you do business with. Save yourself the emotional disparity of neglecting to say no when the time calls for it.

One major thing to learn to say “no” to is whatever that’s going to cost you money without the potential for a return. After all, you’re in business to be successful not to spend yourself into a hole. Click here to subscribe to Professor Savings on YouTube and learn more about the money management aspect of your business.





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