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Mad Over Manhattan

Surely, New York City is known as an international finance headquarter but the landscape of the city is just beautiful.

Have a look.

Time lapses give you the opportunity to view things differently. It doesn’t take much editing to prove to you that The Big Apple is one of the busiest cities on the planet. This video was created to show you Manhattan through a new light.

From the vantage of dozens of hotels spread across the city, the creator of this video captured the beauty of a major city.

While navigating the rush, it’s easy to overlook the rhythmic dance of illuminated advertisements highlighting the sides of skyscrapers. The pain of trying to hail a taxi will blind you to the lightning effect of them zooming through the city streets.

The start of the day transforms into the dead of night but Manhattan chooses to leave the “still” part behind. Regardless of the hour, you’ll find millions of people cramming over each other in an attempt to secure their personal piece of the puzzle. And still, it is so beautiful.

The stoic city’s backdrop is sprinkled with the flutter of lit windows. Even as commanding clouds crowd the sky, Manhattan’s daily life continuously thrives. It’ hard to tell which moves faster, the cars or the people. Regardless of the transportation method, everyone is always on the go.

If you’re going to make it in a big city like Manhattan, you better be prepared to pay a pretty penny. For some, the endless opportunity and thriving social scene makes it all worth it.

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