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Low Budget Wedding Tips

You can get married on a budget. You simply need to know where you can save and how to do it.


Low Budget Wedding Tips

Below are some low budget wedding tips which will help make sure you don’t take too much tension on the best day of your life.

• Quit the idea of what you want:

Think of the wedding in terms of what you really need instead of splurging. You don’t need a 4 tier cake and an a designer gown which you will wear only once in your entire life. Things that make a wedding are your husband/wife to be and your vows. A wedding should be a celebration of commitment not another reason to throw a bash.

• Don’t invite everyone you can think of:

The best weddings usually are the ones which have less than 30 people in attendance. Reason being it is easy to manage and there less to spend on. Invite only your family and close friends to the celebration.

• Rent out a cheap place:

Most of the banquet halls are steep to rent out even for 3 hours’ time. Instead of wasting your savings out on an expensive place why not settle for something even better. Backyards, community rooms and churches are perfect for creating a lovely warm feeling and it will keep all your costs to a minimum.

• Avoid spending a fortune on Flowers:

The truth is the flowers will wilt after a day , so buying expensive blue roses, water lilies and orchids is going to cost you much more than daisies or any other easily available flowers. Instead of these think of something else for decorations. Scented candles are perfect for low budget weddings and go well with red roses and other center pieces.

• Make the most of students:

Instead of hiring a fancy catering agency, lookout for students who need part time work and are willing to cater for about an hour and a half for less. This way you will save money and help out others in need too.

• You don’t need a DJ

Hiring a DJ is costly. Instead skip that option and make a playlist of your very own. Get everybody jiving to your tunes. Backyards make for perfect dance floors.

• You don’t need to throw a lavish wedding party:

Just keep things as simple as possible. These low budget wedding tips you will help you to manage to save big bucks for the future and start out on a truly happy note.



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