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A Lover’s Tale

Love stories like Romeo and Juliet have been filed away in the romantic fantasy category. These days, it’s hard enough to get someone to say they actually like you, let alone sacrificing their life in your honor. Well, the whole poison and dying together isn’t really ideal. But you know what we mean, it’s the thought that counts.

This video encompasses the love of two hopeful romantics. Starting at the “where for art thou” over the balcony, we follow the happy couple on through matrimonial bliss.

Be sure to grab a box of tissues before watching. If you get caught between sobs and sniffles, just blame the red eyes and tears on an acute case of allergies.

The happy couple stayed true to all of the usual Islamic traditions. You’ll notice a combination of culture, family, and, best of all, unconditional love.

If you have already found your soulmate, it will take you on a reminiscent trip down memory lane. You’ll remember the first time you met, the engagement, and that beautiful day when you exchanged vows. If they’re pushing all of your buttons right now, this video may be right on time.

If you’ve yet to come across “the one”, get ready to have your faith restored. After a series of cuckoo clocks and “why did I ever agree to go out with you”, it’s easy to give up hope. Don’t worry, the right one is out there somewhere sharing your sense of regret about their last day. You’ll cross paths one day.

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