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Living with Very Little Income

It does not matter what your income is, you can live comfortably regardless of your means as long as you learn how to do it.


Living with Very Little Income

They work on a part time basis in a few months in a year, or at times rent out a part of the house. They are living with very little income.

How is it Possible?

There are ways and means to live without working for hours, without trust fund, without government aid and without depending on others. Happiness is the state of the mind.

The alternate means to living with very little income and to meet one’s basic needs are Air, Water, Food, Clothing and Shelter, which can be met without spending anything.

• Air and Water Clean air to breathe and clean water to drink are the needs are the easiest to meet. The air is free and water to drink is also easy to find.

• Food — The basic need of food is bare minimum. One can live with less food than one is used to. In fact, our digestive system never gets a rest. We would be healthier if we ate less and ate less processed foods. Skipping a meal will help the body to be healthier and save a good amount of money. Food can be arranged from cheaper shop, by growing own vegetables and fruits and living on seasonal produces that turn out to be much cheaper.

• Clothing can be arranged from places and time where annual sale is on. It is not necessary to have too many varieties. A small selection of clothes suitable for the season is best.

• Shelter -One can have a comfortable small house with all amenities by working for short hours or even by helping others. A low rented house is also a good option

• Luxuries Once the basic needs are covered, how about free luxuries? They’re available, too. Travel, for example. This also possible by making arrangements on discounts and free travel vouchers. One can also afford this luxury by doing work in exchange.

• The public library is a free resource where thousands of books are available for a small membership fee. In some libraries computer and internet access is freely provided to the members.

One can push the limits to live without money, but one change one’s lifestyle and live on very little money. It is the desire for excess things and gadget that tend to demand for more money. Spend only what you have, and enjoy life.



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