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Little Girls on Big Drums Set the Stage for Something Unexpected

People waiting around at Ankara Gari, a place that appears to be a central transportation hub of some sort, like a train or a subway station, have no idea that they’re in for a giant surprise in the form of a grand concert with a fully equipped brass band and talented group of singers but that’s exactly what they get before the end of this video. The drums stand taller than the two little girls in every day clothing who walk up and make the musical announcement that something big is about to happen, and the concert begins in fragments as two men playing instruments walk up first and are soon joined by an unbelievable amount of other singers and musicians who illicit a standing ovation from almost everyone in the vicinity.

Are they the most talented and well organized flash mob ever? Do flash mobs still exist? The entire surprise concert is reveled to be a publicity stunt of sorts for Antikabir, a Turkish memorial tomb, and war monument. This also reveals, for anyone who can’t read the Turkish text in the very beginning of the video, that the video takes place in Turkey, and that is where Ankara Gari can be found, on the chance you’re thinking about dropping by for a chance of seeing such an elaborate surprise concert performed by professionals disguised in plain clothes.

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