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Life Lessons for Young Adults

Financial independence can be difficult to achieve. But, if you learn it early, you’re bound to have a happier life.


Life Lessons for Young Adults

Young adults need to be taught to take control over them that will lead them to positive outlooks and good behavior.

Importance of Life Lessons for Young Adults

• Life Skills contribute to personal development and self-realization. Personal development is an aim of developing and mastering the skills that makes one grow in the best manner with whatever is with them. One has to reach and realize one’s own potentiality. In order to develop this potentiality one has to acquire and master some skills.

• Life skills enable one to deal with difficulties and adversities in an effective manner.

• It lessens the chances of getting into vices like drugs, addictions, and experiencing hopelessness.

• These skills help one to have control over one’s life, so as to live more consciously and deliberately.

• The life skills help to attain personal satisfaction and fulfillment to make the life happier

Personal development is an on-going process and journey to become what one is capable of becoming and being more productive.

Essential 9 Life Lessons for Young Adults’ personal development are —

1. To know one’s self

2. To love one’s self

3. To be honest to one’s self.

4. To have a personal value system.

5. To have a life perspective

6. To keep an open mind

7. To have a sense of humour.

8. To have the power of resilience

9. To be able to accept things.

Life skills for managing a better quality of life depend on circumstances, culture, age, beliefs country etc. The most important life skill is the ability to learn.

Other Life skills

• Communication Skills is a complex subject dealing with language , behaviour and relationship with others

• Interpersonal Skills are the skills we use when dealing with other people which include listening skills, verbal communication, effective speaking.

• Personal skills are skills that help to attain a healthy body and mind.

• Literacy helps in communication through mails, articles and many other methods.

• Numeracy and mathematics make a vast difference in all aspects of life. It helps in understanding the world in a better manner and also saves in saving money and time.

Learning new Life Skills help Young Adults to understand the world and acquire the methods to live a productive and satisfying life. It must be remembered that life skills are not always taught but learnt through experience and practice.



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