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Let us Reminisce on why we love Jeremy Corbyn [Video]

Jeremy Corbyn fiery speech

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Dear Professor Savings Fans,

Do you remember back in September when Jeremy Corbyn was elected as the Labour Party Leader?

His speech on the Syrian refugee crisis stirred up with fire within nearly all those listening. “Refugee’s are welcome here” was the theme of his speech, with many sympathizers on his side.

He said “Suddenly, a lot of politicians have rediscovered their principles of humanity…there is actually a popular uprising in favor of decency and humanity in our society”.

Not only were his words able to shake the crowd, but more importantly, continue the humanitarian approach in viewing people in need, instead of viewing them as percentages and statistics which we all know leads to discontentment.

We are on the side of what is right, so kudos to Jeremy for implementing that in his life and political priorities.


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