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Let the Entrepreneur Whisperer Teach You How to Save Time and Lower Costs

Would you believe that, as an entrepreneur, there is a secret to achieving the success you dream about. The combination of three entrepreneurial minds, a pastry chef, baker, and accounting guru, birthed a new Brooklyn-based business. They want to see their labor of love exceed the statistics.

The entrepreneur whisperer states that the greatest holdbacks in startup businesses are psychological.

Create a startup prenup- Even if you’re beginning your business with friends, when money gets involved, opinions can change. Before you reach this level, decide on what you’ll do in the event that one founder wants out, gets ill, or passes away.

Pick a leader- Co-CEOs never last. Pick one designated CEO.

Focus your attention- It’s ok to be involved in multiple ventures but running demanding businesses at the same time as building a startup doesn’t usually end well.

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