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Learn to Play the Stock Market

Don’t put your money in the market until you’ve played around first. Simulation can be the key to avoiding big mistakes.


Learn to Play the Stock Market

Simulations are actually prototypes which artificially simulate or reproduce the scenario in real life where the risks and hazards involved in real life are not present. Investing in stocks is yet another thing which involves investing a lot of money which is at risk and you would definitely not want to lose your money by investing improperly due to lack of know how. Thus it is advisable to go through these learn to play stock market games in order to actually avoid unnecessary losses in the learning phase of your investment career.

• Wall Street Survivor

Playing with virtual money, this is one of the easiest online learn play stock market games for beginners which teaches them the basics of stock trading. You start off with a handy sum and investing menu is a simple drop down menu style. The user is directed by a cartoon of popular stock guru Mark Brookshire, and all the market sentiments, stock history, fundamentals and technicals associated with the stock is displayed on the screens of the users. Every decision that the player makes is given a rating and at the end of the session the performance is rated on this basis.

• How the Market Works

This learn to play stock market game is meant for the players who want to gain experience with a new type of portfolio like Forex, mutual funds, penny stocks and short selling stocks. In the beginner level, the player can turn on the ‘fun mode’ and become carefree regarding the number of stocks that can be traded in a session, set hours and other expirations. Once you have mastered the beginner level, the ‘realistic mode’ revs up the complexity and simulate a more realistic type scenario of trading. You can have as many as three portfolios and three Forex portfolios and you start of with anything in between $100 and $500,000. The competition aspect is completely dependant on you and you are provided with a handsome cash to start off with.

• Young Money Stock Market Game

One of the most comprehensively designed learn to play stock market games, it runs on real time markets simulation making use of actual market prices and working hours, while deducting a virtual commission which is predetermined. The help icons are placed everywhere to guide you through the learning process.



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