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Learn the Stock Market for Dummies

Whether you want to invest, or you just want to learn more about how the stock market works, these are the basics you should know.


Learn the Stock Market for Dummies

You might want to learn about making a move from the good old square one or learning the stock market for dummies. You might be in a financial pickle or you might be looking on to start minting money from the share market, but if one doesn’t know about how it all works you could end up losing it all in the end. Whatever your reason you are on the right track to learn about how actually the stock market works because it is one of the surest ways of multiplying your money.

Here is the most basic information that you need to know so that you can get started. Think of this as learning the stock market for dummies. Well the first question that pops to mind is what is a stock market? It is a section or a place to buy and sell something which in this case are stocks. Stocks are basically tokens of ownership of a company. Owning a stock in the market means you own a part of that very organization

So how does it all really work? It all depends upon supply and demand – the basic economic principle. When the demand is high and supplies are limited, the stocks go up. When the demand is low and supplies are more, then the stock prices take a dip. The price of the stock is an indicator of the company’s viability. If the stock manages to make good progress, then it deemed to be a good investment.

Most people invest for mainly two reasons. Either they want to maintain their wealth or increase it. To own a stock one can do so through dividends. Company pay out dividends to stock holders while thanking them for investing in the company.

Stock marketing investment is long term game plan. Speculating is risky. Long term investment is better as stock show their true colour over a year or so.

If you have ever seen financial analysis on TV, when the economy is looking good the stock market is said to be bullish. When the economy isn’t doing so well then it the market is said to bear-ish. To predict stock market trends one must make use of past data and future outlooks before investing.



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