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Learn How Reinventing the ‘Like’ Helped this App Increase Profits

Vowch allow users to personalize their experience by taking a pioneer’s approach to the “like”. Traditional “likes” as used on Facebook and Twitter are enhances through Vowch’s extended catalog. After browsing through the list, users can begin vouching for similar offers or conduct specified searches. It’s a social experience because likeminded “vowchers” get to voice their opinions.

It’s a relatively new social media app however Vowch has proven beneficial for a variety of people. Aside from social users, market researchers can consult Vowch for what’s trending among their target market. The sequence of likes is monitored by Vowch, making it easier to trace back to the account that originally vouched for that product or service.

Even though it’s new, Vowch has managed to improve and revolutionize the “like” in a way that hasn’t been done. Creating an innovative app such as this one requires extensive know-how and a bit of seed funding. As it grows, Vowch will have to revisit its structure to ensure it remains in compliance with its original core values. CLICK HERE to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel to learn how to budget to launch your very own innovative social media application.



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