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learn pro’s and con’s for sale by owner in 2 minutes

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  “ Learn pro’s and con’s For Sale by Owner? is a way to sell real estate property without a real restate agent.

We do this thinking we can do it and save a big chunk in the commission and use that savings

Oh…take a grand cruise but consider the pro’s and con’s


Home owner does all the work such as research property and  must figure out the asking price.

Next, Jane advertisers on website  and even post on her Facebook account to gain some exposure.

She negotiates with buyer and draws up   bill of sale. sign contract by going to escrow and bill of sale

while still worrying if she did everything correctly.

Let’s look at the pro of hiring a real estate.

First, they have the experience to price the house at an attractive amount.

Second, they know how to sell the house to buyers since they know the neighborhood.

Highlighting schools, transportation, and safety records can help improve the chances of sale.

Third, realtors  can also stage a house. Staging includes adding furniture and and some abstract art can possibly increase sale price.

Forth, they do the hard work on putting up the sign on open house and have likely the best place to place the ad.

conclusion: if you have the time to catch up on the learning curve on how to be a realtor, give it a shot.

Especially if your home is lower priced house but I would advise against doing this if especially

   If your property is in the luxury market. let the pro’s handle it.

so ….you can sit back and relax, and sip on your favorite drink on a beach with a nice umbrella.

Professor Savings signing off.

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