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learn monetary inflation in 2 minutes

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We teach finance basics. Hi I’m your host today Rayfil Wong.

Monetary inflation is  a sustained increase in money supply. Lets take an example.

Unicornville the country. Lets add up all the commodities. Commodities are items produced to satisfy wants or needs. Pigs, cows, buildings, and cars.

Let’s saw you add it all up and the total is worth $1 million dollars.

 So Unicornville has $1 million  $ 1 dollar bucks circulating in the market.

For example,  let’s say a house for $100 but Unicornville, the government but let’s say the government

decides to print an additional $1 million $1 dollar bucks so there is now $ 2 millions in the market

so now things cost twice as much.

so houses cost $200

Apples are now priced at $4 a pound instead of $2 a pound.

Sum it up Unicornville has $2million dollars or twice amount of bills but has half the purchasing power.

Printing  money is controlled by Unicornville.

bam!! Pretty  simple. But…

Why should you care?

Well..i f you are aware of the monetary inflation you can plan better financial future.

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