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Learn to Invest in Stocks

There are a number of ways in which you can invest your money to reap benefits.

Stagnant money is almost as good for nothing because of the depreciation in the value of money over time and investing in viable options like stocks and debentures can earn you better returns as compared to other options available in the market like depositing in banks and mutual funds.

Learn to Invest in Stocks

But investing in stocks also calls for some caution as it is a risky business. Here are some of the learn invest stocks tips that might help you to become the next Warren Buffet of the stock market:

• The first and foremost tip is to save enough before you can go and invest. Investing in stocks is a capital intensive business if you want to be investing for long term and you need to put in your money in various enterprises and wait patiently to earn the benefits from them. Invest only when you have a secure job and about a years savings in your account in order to protect you in case of an economic emergency.

• Have a thorough understanding of what is a stock and how the stock markets operate and what are the risk factors and variables involved in the stock trading process. Get books on stock trading and read through every book that you come across. Every new book that you read will add up to your knowledge.

• Think judiciously every time you make a move. Thinking and thinking twice over a decision protects you from making unnecessary silly mistakes and is a very important learn invest stocks tip.

• Trading stocks on papers before actually going for the trade online will help you practice and realise the shortcomings in your decisions and the mistakes that you make. It is imperative for you to make mistakes the first few times and it is advisable to actually try out buying and selling on paper in order to avoid actual losses to your account. Record your activities and even the reason behind every buy and sell decision. In this way at the end of a quarter, you will have enough to analyse your performance and the net profit that you made out of the markets.

• Opening a stock brokerage account is a completely trial and error based decision and over time you will come across a broker who provides you the best services at suitable brokerages.

• Build a portfolio of stocks which are generally known to make profits in good times as well as bad times. Even though they are hard to buy, it is actually good to keep 10-50 of such companies in your portfolio to supplement the losses incurred in bad times.



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