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learn how to buy stocks online in 2 minutes ?

How to buy stocks online?

Welcome to Professor Savings.  We teach finance basics.

Hi I’m your host today Rayfil Wong.

Today we will cover how to buy stocks online.

After all, there are lots of options online.

Lets take Jane here. She is ready to invest her $10,000 savings.

Generally, people using discount online brokers know which stocks they will buy they all want low cost per trade and basic customer service.

“I heard Unicorn Inc. will IPO, when is the earliest I can buy share?”

Some more popular online broker such Etrade and Ameritrade.

So start shopping for the right online broker

There are lots of deals out there to attract your business.

Some brokerage firms may attract you with offers.



60 Days free trades up to $1000!

On the other hand, full Service Brokers provide more services to clients

 such face to face meetings or dedicated brokers such as Edward Jones and UBS.

These cater to clients that want tax tips, retirement planning, but they charge higher commissions than discount brokers.

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