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Leap into This Australian Cove Head First

This beautiful drone and camera combination video captures dolphins in their Australian cove free of interruption from any human being.  There don’t even appear to be people along the coast enjoying the beach; you could imagine there are only dolphins from miles around. This isn’t like a Sea World training video, in fact it’s about as far from that as you could possibly get, or even a video of one of those places you’d go to swim with trained dolphins not only on an Australian vacation but on vacation to places like Cancun or Puerto Rico, it’s just dolphins; swimming and playing naturally together in their own habitat.

Native to the Australian waters we see them breeze through, undeterred by the breeze that kicks up throughout, these intriguing creatures look right at home. It’s one of the coolest things to be able to capture from above, and if the time clock in the upper left corner is any indication, this drone and camera set are in various parts of the sky throughout the day, which means this footage was caught completely by chance!

Capturing footage like this for yourself, and the memories that come along with visiting this sort of place in order to do it, is an experience that we should all be able to take part in, but it is also an experience that is neither free nor cheap. Visiting and subscribing to Professor Savings for expert and professional tips on how to save money can be a first step to getting you exactly where you want to go, to see the many wonders this big world has to offer. Whether its Australian dolphin coves or giant tortoises in the Galapagos you’re dying to see up close and personal, a good vacation fund can get you that much closer!



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