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Larger than Life Stop-Motion Shot on a Nokia N8

I know what you’re thinking: “larger than life…really?” and the answer is yes and no. If you consider the scale stop motion animation is usually created on, and the “lives” of those tiny characters, then yes, the stop-motion animation filmed on a Nokia N8 for Gulp is larger than life. However, if you’re thinking on more practical, real life terms, then no, but certain aspects of the short animated video are life sized, making it the biggest stop motion animation ever!

This video is a simple concept but interesting to watch, and you almost forget it’s being shot on a phone until you see the mounted Nokia N8 from above at the very end. Stop-motion animation has been described as tedious work, and if you look at each detail and how everything moves in relation to each other, you’ll wonder how long it took to shoot step by step, and how many hands it took to make this idea a reality.

You won’t have to wonder for long however, because at the end of the animated short you’re presented with a chance to see the making of the video, presumably shot on the Nokia N8 as well. The story focuses on a fisherman out to earn his keep and the spectacular ironic twist that come along throughout the course of his day.

The beach is obviously a perfect setting for shooting the film, and sand is even used as a tool for creating it! While the shooting capabilities of the N8 are obviously meant to be put on display and wow viewers into considering it as their next purchase, it’s a day by the sea that this video makes me long for. No matter if it’s a coastal getaway or the next tech gadget you’re looking to get your hands on, you can learn to save and spend wisely through subscribing to Professor Savings for great tip on how to save money, and maybe you’ll even end up having both!



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