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Lance Armstrong Serenades Oprah with a 90

He may not be doing it in the voice of an angel, but this video titled Creep after the 90’s Radiohead song that Lance Armstrong belts out to Oprah, sort of, makes sure to get in every lyric it can out of the athlete who has faded out of the spotlight for the most part after the Oprah interview. The editor of this particular Creep videos announce to viewers that he will be using Lance Armstrong vocal samples from the interview in an interesting way, letting a couple seconds of a news clip play that pertains to allegations of Lance Armstrong having been less than truthful about how he was able to perform so well in the sport, and announcing that samples had been taken from him.

The somber interview seems to have been cut into a million little pieces (no pun intended for those of you familiar with that particular scandal in Oprah’s Book Club) in order for Lance Armstrong’s words about the troubles in his life and career to be turned into the lyrics to Creep, but the job is done and done well. It’s the sort of video that’ll make you laugh and want to show friends, and hearing the music for the actual Radiohead song in the background is likely to make you want to go listen to the real thing after you’ve heard the Lance Armstrong version. Oprah’s serious and less than impressed facial expression throughout adds another layer of comedy to the highly sharable video, as she sits across from Armstrong stone faced and cross legged.

I don’t mean to imply that Armstrong is currently going through any financial struggle, but with a decreased interest in his once famed LiveStrong bracelets and allegedly not so charitable charity, it would only make sense that he may have sought some professional advice to make sure that finances wouldn’t become an issue, especially during the time when the continuation of his career as a professional athlete was one big question mark.

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