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Knowing When to Let Go of Your Idea Can Save Time In The End

Anyone can own a business, but it takes a bit more effort in order to be an entrepreneur. Amy Cosper, the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine proves why this message reigns true. While sitting on a panel of experts, Amy discusses the difference between the two.

Everyone is willing to take on the task of running a big brand but it takes someone with a special amount of passion to build that brand from scratch. Even if you happen to acquire an existing company, you’ll need to exude some entrepreneurial traits in order to keep it running. Simply passing tasks downhill to other individuals won’t enhance your ability to run it. The passion behind keeping your doors open is the difference between being an entrepreneur and having a job.

Love what you do and do what you love. That’s the mantra all around the board. Sometimes, that passion isn’t enough to pay all the bills. What do you do? Stick around or quit? Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel to learn how to make sound projections on your company’s potential profits. You’ll learn how to look at your budget and determine what you’re doing wrong.



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