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How Klay Thompson’s Past Can Get You to Chase Your Dreams

We watched the video above and shed a tear. Hey, we’re honest.

Klay is part of the Splash brothers and he is on a roll. Let’s stop and talk business.

The shooting guard after his four year rookie contract extension reported got $70 million over four years.

While Klay Thompson has been a stellar shooter and known for his lock down defense the video above provides some insightful roots on his former NBA star father and where he got his inspiration.

With thousands of players fighting for the few spots on an NBA roster, Klay Thompson has remained humble despite just inking a big contract.

His grandfather made the pivotal decision to send Michael Thompson to the United States many years ago.  Often times in life, we need to make a big decision to find out what is behind the road.

Just an inspirational video on family bond not just between father and son but as well as grandfather.

Recently, we wrote an article on How A Broke NBA Star Can Keep You Out of Trouble which can be a good remind not just to stars like Klay Thompson but others who have been giving a good amount of money.

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