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Japan through a Lens of Love

Japan Travel Story

The exciting and mundane parts of a young couple’s visit to Japan blend into something amazing in LOVE the extremely diverse landscape of Japan, and quick flashes of local vendors, restaurants, animals, and what seem to be ever changing climates go by in a dreamy haze.

Everyday activities for the people of Japan like taking public transit, and walking the crowded streets are points of interest for the viewer of this film as a sort of virtual tourist, and if you didn’t want to go to Japan before, you’re likely to take up an interest after watching this video which centers around the film makers girlfriend and the places and faces they saw before going home. Relaxed and casual, the filmmaker’s girlfriend blends into the modern scenes of Japan, even when those scenes combine with traditional imagery like Geisha hair, makeup, and dress.

Things seen here and there in bigger American cities, like citizens wearing surgical masks while traveling to and from their everyday activities are seen in mass in certain scenes of this video, and thongs we never see in our cities, and even some of our more rural areas, like primate wildlife and hot springs in the middle of seemingly endless snow can be seen in other parts of the video. Of course these things are found in separate parts of Japan as well, but after watching this I don’t know how anyone could want to come to Japan and not look to have an experience less limited than a single city.

Of course Japan is a long way from home no matter where you’re from in the United States, and far away travel can mean high priced travel. Subscribe to Professor Savings for tips on how to save money and be better prepared to spend on something special, like a trip to Japan, and have something left over for a rainy day as well. JAPAN. Clips from places including Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagano, Hokkaido, Nara, and Kyoto show.

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