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Israeli Youth Identifying As Conscientious Objectors Threatened with Jail Time

The group of Israeli and Palestinian national conscientious objectors appearing in this short but powerful video appeal represent themselves as a unit, going by the title Shministit, or 12 Graduates in Hebrew. They express their beliefs that the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people and Palestine itself by the Israeli army for the sake of so called Israeli human rights is in fact endangering and in many cases ending the lives of many Palestinians.

Because of these beliefs, they are refusing to serve in the Israeli army, even though all Israeli youth are required to do so once they are of legal age. This video is as relevant today as it was when it was posted to Vimeo three years ago, as the age old conflict between Israel and Palestine don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, and the Israeli youth of today would also be faced with jail time, just like the Shministit, if they were to stand up and say they didn’t agree with or want to be a part of the Israeli army or the occupation of Palestine.

This video ends with the Shministit asking viewers to sign a petition letter as they continue to fight not to be a part of the Israeli army, whose practices go against their own personal beliefs. Whatever your stance on the conflict, it is interesting to hear views that differ from what you might expect, especially when they come from people closest to the conflict.

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