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Indianapolis Let’s Make Some Noises!

The amazing video is a tribute to the gorgeous city of Indianapolis. With the awesome drone video technology, the video captures the greatness of Indy, and looks downright unreal at times, but it isn’t – as everyone who has been there is fortunate enough to recognize.


Some amazing Indy people made this “Happy” video, and it couldn’t get any happier, right? When your hometown is as awesome as Indianapolis, sometimes you couldn’t help but dance through the streets, yea just dance babe! Naptown is my town, our town, and we’re pretty proud of it.


There’s a ton of local pride in this video and you gotta respect that dude! Colts mascot Blue shows what is a classic butt shake while Butler Blue II smiles his slobbery face off, among so many other fun Indy things. This video totally shows you what’s #INDYISHAPPY!

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