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Importance of Hiring Great People – Lemon Juice Story

Lemon Juice (Hiring Great people)

Rayfil Wong

Many business and corporations struggle with hiring great people.  Mr. Deli gave me some solid advice as he mentions that being humanistic and in touch with his employees are the key.

When I drink water, I always like to add lemon juice.  I roll the lemon on my kitchen counter before I slice the lemon in attempt to squeeze or bring out all the juice in the lemon.  Often times, I find many companies challenged by the task in hiring great people. 

As I interviewed Mr. Deli, I learn so much about hiring great people.  Mr. Deli has had a few Deli managers work for him over ten years.  His advice is that managers need to bring out all the good qualities from their workers. 

As the boss, Mr. Deli is very clear as in terms of his worker’s job description.  He believes that the key is to relate to them and be extremely humanistic.

Although Mr. Deli is the boss, he relates and sets the example by sweeping the floor and performing the same task that his workers perform.  Mr. Deli is a very humanistic owner.  He memorizes the names of over one hundred employees and also greets them saying “good morning” and never portraying that the boss is better than the employees. 

Mr. Deli also gets to know their employees by asking them what they think about their job and this allows Mr. Deli to get feedback and to display that the boss cares about how his employees feel.  

A good worker defined by Mr. Deli in his case is one that works fast, has a friendly personality, and takes instructions well.  Mr. Deli would compliment his employees in front of other employees by saying, “keeping up the great work and smile.”  Mr. Deli believes that affirming employees is key.

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Managing tip: in order to have great workers, managers must show that they care by asking how they feel about the job and affirming them with compliments.



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