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Immerse Yourself In Turkey From Border to Border

Turkey is home to a wonderful population of some of the most loving people on the globe. Every interactions highlights the honor of community, tradition, and family values. In just 20 days, the filmmaker traveled more than 3500 kilometers. Starting at Turkey’s northernmost border, you get to travel through the soul of Turkey and you don’t even need a passport to cross the border.

The producer’s perspective is captivating. In just a few minutes, the audience is introduced to music, art, architecture, cuisine, and folklore.

While in Turkey, you will come in contact with an elegance and extravagance never before experienced. Something as minor as getting an ice cream come becomes an over the top feat worthy of documenting.

From babies to brides, the jovial look in the people’s eyes takes you into a momentary preview of generations of history. Spanning over six cities, the country’s landscape is as warm as the greeting you receive the first time you step foot onto its soil. It’s hard to believe such an inviting country has once endured unspeakable tragedy.

There is so much to learn through cultural exploration. Unfortunately, everyone does not have traveling money just waiting at their disposal. Even if you do have the money, you’ll still need to find the time to pack up and getaway. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings channel on YouTube. They will introduce you to money management tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of every dollar that meets your hand. Maybe one day you’ll be able to dig your toes into the rich sands of the Turkish sea.



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