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Imagine Launching Your Own VC Firm?

Actors, athletes, and other well off celebrities are stepping away from their respective professions and embarking on a new adventure. In recent years, more people have made the decision to launch their own VC firms. However it takes a bit more than popularity and a fat bank account to be successful as a venture capitalist.

You, or one of your partners, will need extensive experience in management and operations. You’ll also need to create a complex networks of successful individuals to ensure your startup investments see success.

In 2013, only 56 VC firms opened in America, a considerable drop when compared to recent years. Many people are scared off by tales of failure from other VC firms.

Charlie O’Donnell explains how his firm, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, avoided the same mishaps. Driven by the desire to make his own investment decisions, he wasn’t intimidated by larger VC names like Sequoia Capital or Kleiner Perkins.

As an entrepreneur that’s working with other entrepreneurs, Charlie is able to offer his firm a unique, personalized perspective. His fundraising efforts have helped many small businesses make their mark on the industry. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel to learn how to bring your company the most profits before pitching a VC firm



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