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There Are Humans Among Us

Ask someone on their first visit to New York and they may offer some opposition to the claim but, according to Brandon Stanton, there are a few real humans scattered throughout its population.

He was once one of those doe eyed New York newbies. When he first moved to New York, he was amazed to see the unique combination of personalities walking the street. It was more astonishing to notice that it didn’t really matter to anyone else around.

The never-ending hustle forced patrons up and down city streets. Heads down and arms crossed, it was rare to even get someone to look up to respond to a greeting. Brandon set out on a mission to bring New York together.

For months, he snapped photographs and logged brief snippets of his targets’ stories. Armed with thousands of pictures, it didn’t appear as if Brandon was breaking down barriers in The Big Apple.

Change came when he decided to upload a few photos to Facebook. “Humans of New York” sparked a digital revolution. Everyone including the homeless man in the park and the custom tailored professional were soon realizing that they shared more in common than they thought.

We’re all just people connected by the uncertainties of humanity. We laugh. We love. We cry. We hurt. “Humans of New York” branched off into “Humans of” almost every major city you can think of. Brandon sits back in awe as his plan continues to unfold.

He’s spread a positive message across a limitless platform. Every day, his dream continues to grow.

His beginnings were humble. For six months, Brandon took pictures for, what seemed like, nothing. It is that same level of unknown that prohibits most people from following in Brandon’s footsteps. Packing up and moving to a big city like New York takes a lot of money. There were probably a bunch of times when Brandon felt like giving up. But he stuck to his guns.

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