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How Hollywood Got Sponges and Coral All Wrong

Marine life is a beautiful unknown. Gorgeous clusters of sponges and coral are a spectacle lining ocean walls and floors. Scuba divers get to see the rainbow of plant life up close and personal, but no one has been able to witness these creatures in action.

While they appear to be dormant and motionless, sponges and coral are actually very, very slow. Just like afternoon traffic, it’s moving, but you can’t really tell.

This video shows the mobility of relaxed marine life through a magnified time lapse. You’re treated to the emergence of feathery tentacles and bubbling breaths. What we view as dormant creatures are actually hard at work creating coral reefs and contributing to the marine’s biosphere.

Until you view this enhanced video, you won’t be able to grasp the depths of the role coral and sponges play. You’ll never think of ocean life the same way again.

Science has not uncovered much about the daily activities of slow marine life. To do so would require extensive study and additional research. The fact that these organisms like to call the depths of the sea home makes accessing them even more difficult. All in all, this boils down to money. And a lot of it.

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