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Hilariously Twisted Humor in Where Are They Now Video Starring Jessica and Roger Rabbit

Remember Who Framed Roger Rabbit? If you’re a late 80’s or early 90’s kid then the answer is most likely yes, and this video is absolutely for you. Created by Steve Cuts, this short film and multimedia project uses Flash, Photoshop, After Effects and Crazy Talk pro 7 flawlessly.

Jessica Rabbit, in a notably grizzlier, and more British, accent than you’ll remember from the original film, narrates Where Are They Now, a short that imagines what happened to all of the favorite cartoon characters of the 80’s and early 90’s. For most, but not all, of the nostalgic characters things have gone horribly wrong. Clever graphics in the video hint at who’s had to go into less glamourous lines of work; can anyone be surprised when seeing the background storefront sign hinting that Beavis and Butthead have gone into construction? They also do their part to make jabs here and there at the world we live in today.

As for those who have it a little better off, characters like Garfield don’t seem to have too much of a problem with the way things are going, although most of us would agree it’s a little less than great. You’ll be surprised to see which former animated superhero is now living as a successful lingerie designer, and what group of Saturday morning cartoon heroes and villains are working the checkout counter, and mopping up, at a local grocery.

Even if you don’t recognize each character that’ll make a cameo appearance, it’s hard not to laugh when thinking about, and being presented with, former popular cartoon characters in the way we see former television and film stars who weren’t able to parlay their careers into anything that stood the test of time, the original basis of Where Are They Now style TV specials; speaking of which, where are they now? SPOILER ALERT (sort of): Jessica and Roger don’t end up extremely well off.

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