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Hands Off My Mola

Architecture is a field that leaves little room for error. One misplaced measurement and the whole house can come crumbling down. Literally.

Mola takes the guesswork outside of an otherwise cumbersome task. It gives both the teacher and the student the ability to put their fingers directly on the project at hand. Architectural design can actually be fun.

Think of Mola like Legos for adults. You can connect and disconnect, forming any type of structure you want. Its pieces mimic the way actual buildings will respond to the design. Users get to learn as they go along.

This video is a call for action using an increasingly popular tactic. In recent years, crowdfunding campaigns have secured the necessary assets for projects as small as garage band promotional albums on up to full-length feature films. Mola’s curators are asking fans and supporters to dig deep into their pockets to help them transition into a commercial product.

This is what happens when you have big dreams, great ideas, and not enough money to spare. The thing with crowdfunding campaigns is, they aren’t always successful. If you can’t muster up enough people who are willing to forgo a few cups of Starbucks in order to help out the greater good, your project can fall into a sea of lost causes. Don’t let this serve as the end all be all of your idea. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings financial management YouTube Channel. You may find that you don’t need the help of crowdfunding after all.




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