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Handmade Cameras in A World of Mass Production, You Won’t Believe the Craftsmanship!

Leica, a German camera company, shares the process for creating their lenses in this brilliant video. The work put into preparing and then mounting the lenses into the camera is meticulous, and obviously requires skilled hands, but the Leica employees work diligently, and beautiful Leica cameras are soon created and ready to be sent out to the customer, but only after having their functions hand tested after any needed adjustments are made in mounting the lens.

Each serial number on a Leica camera is etched in by hand, and each lens goes through several processes before it reaches the point of being ready for mounting into the complete device. The experts at Leica are meticulous every step of the way, and to view work like this in such a modern setting is impressive, and is sure to keep the company on your mind for the next time you’re looking to invest in a quality device for capturing your best memories.

There are many steps involved in the creation of a modern camera, especially creating it in this way, which I’m sure many people never think of. We see a lot being done in this video, and it only applies to the lenses, imagine the step by step process involved in the production of the body of the camera itself!

As I’m sure you may be able to guess, a Leica camera doesn’t come cheap, nothing of this caliber of quality rightfully should, but if it’s a necessity for you then it is, and aside from searching from bargains there isn’t much you can do about it. One other thing you will be able to do about it is to budget, and make sure that you have enough wiggle room to be able to purchase the important and even some of the not so important things you need in life, from cameras to food and rent. Subscribing to Professor Savings for tips on how to save money can help you to create a practical budget, and so much more, so the necessities, luxuries, and even those seemingly necessary luxuries you need and want can be yours.



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