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Go on a Virtual Tour of the City of Love and Lights

The Eiffel Tower, the glass pyramids at the Louvre, and of course L’Arc de Triomphe are all prominently displayed in this this fast paced, time lapsed video of just about everything you could imagine seeing in Paris. J’Adore Paris captures modes of travel and transportation that have also become landmarks of the French city in their own way, including the Seine, La Metro, and the very streets of Paris, as is the sort of cliché, but far from completely unreal image of a Parisian woman (or at least it is implied that she’s Parisian), gliding through the streets on a rented bicycle with a fresh, bakery purchased baguette situated in front of the handle bars.


Even if you can’t recall the name of every landmark that ultimately represents the beauty and long enduring appeal of Paris, you’re bound to be taking in with the stunning diversity and noticeable history involved in the layout and architecture of the city. There’s a reason so many movies have been filmed, books written, and songs sang in and about Paris.


There’s a noticeable lack of food being portrayed in this video, but each person who travels any place in the world has his or her own ideas about what represents that place best, especially if it’s a city they’ve travels to and loved, and probably if they didn’t love it so much as well. The quality of the film is great, and the music is completely fitting for fast travel and an attempt to explore and document everything about this visually stunning place, which is what it is clear the film’s creator has set out to do.


J’Adore Paris is sure to make you long for travel, to Paris specifically, and each and every one of you should. Wherever in the world you want to go next, be financially prepared with our tips for saving money that you can get by subscribing to Professor Savings today. Now CLICK HERE to check out more daily money saving videos!



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