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Go Kill Your Own Food!

Hunter Donnie Vincent is proud of what he does, and is ready to take anyone to task on the matter, even the President of PETA. Calling the video Who We Are is a bit much. We don’t live in a world of hunting and gathering, although with the state of food production and the government agencies meant to keep that in check maybe we should be. Still, no one has to hunt anymore, specifically no one in the United States. Not all, and I’m careful to say not all as opposed to most because this video doesn’t include any statistics on why people hunt where and I won’t make any assumptions, but for a fact I can say that not all people who hunt are doing it because they care about putting fresh protein on the table or answering what they believe to be an ancestral call, and that’s where the perception of hunting as a bad thing stems from.

Conversation about hunting gets tricky pretty quickly, and Vincent owns up to this right away. His words and the sentiments expressed in this video seem very carefully selected, and that’s wise. I don’t disagree with a lot of what Vincent has to say in Who We Are about hunting, and you probably won’t either, but if I were to watch this without sound, seeing a majestic bear or shockingly large moose running free in its’ natural habitat, one far removed from my own, the last thing I’d think about is needing to kill it because my ancestors who lived outdoors before the time of grocery stores and modern farms of any size had to do this to survive.

Whatever your opinions on hunting and meat eating are in general, this video is an interesting one to watch and to listen to, and checking it out is obviously recommended. Another thing we recommend is subscribing to Professor Savings for great information and tips on how to save money. Exploring the great outdoors, especially in the way that Vincent does in this video is expensive, he says so himself, and with the many boat and plane rentals, crossbows that can cost a pretty penny, and other things displayed in this video that sort of skew what’s happening here more in the direction of hobby than answering the call of the wild, you’ll want to have some money set to the side if you choose to partake. Even if answering the call of the wild won’t require a single hunting permit, another cost involved, you’ll still want to be prepared to invest what you have to in the essentials without falling short in any other area of life.

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