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A Glimpse Of The Future: When Computers Are More Than Computers

Can you still remember what did a computer look like in the 90s? I bet when the kids nowadys will think them as some kind of fossils. We all know that computers are getting smaller and smaller. Some scientists predict that by the time we get to the year 2020, the size of the computational chip that drives our smartphones or our tech gadgets will approach zero.

Well if that’s really the case, we will be able to insert  the computer chips under our band-aid , and monitor the health of a sick person from a distance. Our lives will be integrated with the power of computation, and our walls, tunnels, and bridges of the cities we live in will be also immersed in it.

As the break through of technology grants us more and more power to control different aspects of our lives, our ability to do harm also increases simultaneously. That’s the issue we need to think about. “The greatest danger is not being present and not understanding that we imbue our technology with our sense of humanity,”

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