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Get motivated to become as tough as Greg Pitt

Greg Pitt was a certified personal fitness trainer and trained clients in Los Angeles where he lived. He was featured in many famous body building website and was awarded with the MET-Rx athlete of the year award.


Here’s a metaphor for life from Greg. Everyone climbs mountains in their life pursuing their goals. However, most people are going to said “I can’t go anymore.” Only those who persist can finally become success. This is how he overcame the boringness of fitness training every day and became a global fitness icon for a long time in his career.


“Small things in life add up into those big monumental things. When I say the small things, it’s a character building block that your names mean something. You hold value to it.” That’s why no matter what things we encounter in our life, try your best out of it! It is because you never know how those things may affect your life afterwards. And those things will contribute to your legacy later in your life.


What Greg wanted is not only a title, he wanted a legacy! You may be holding a bit success in your life at the moment. However, a tile is not going to bring you into another title! What all of us want to be is a legacy instead of winning a single tile only. Don’t be satisfied in your current situation. We have to keep our motivation on, because people in your bottom are going to outrun you if you stop.



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