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How to Get a Job at Google

Dear Debt Fighters,

Recently I spoke at a co tech working space in Hong Kong, China.  Afterward, about 60 bright eyed college student came up to probe me with questions.  At the end, we accepted two interns.

It’s hard to filter who we should accept.

In a recommend article by Thomas Friedman in New York Times titled ”

How to Get a Job at Google”, one takeaway is to communicated in a structured manner.

‘I accomplished X, relative to Y, by doing Z.’

For instance,

I was able to grow our business club by setting up booth tables outside the business 101 class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for the entire semester which lasted 20 weeks this resulted in 200 active members.

We are creative creatures by we need to communicate in a framework with metrics.

side notes: We are now top 41,000 sites in the USA. (source: Alexa.com) Just wanted to say thanks for those who support us and share the word.


Rayfil Wong, Debt Fighter CEO



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